InstaFlicka is a website, podcast and community dedicated to Netflix Instant Watch movies, beer and general awesomeness. InstaFlicka is about the camaraderie generated by the motion picture. InstaFlicka is about the shared experience of tasting new and interesting brews. InstaFlicka is about living in a meta society, where movie quotes and scenes mix with everyday life.

Jonny, Craig and Phil getting it on til' the break of dawn.


InstaFlicka started as a podcast, the InstaFlicka Podcast in 2009, but has since grown into a movie discussion website and online community. The 60-minute podcast is published once a week, the website is updated daily and the community is churning every second via social media.



Without trying to be too grandiose about it, InstaFlicka is you. InstaFlicka is an online community of people who love talking about movies. More practically, InstaFlicka is run by the crew: Jonny, Phil and Craig. InstaFlicka is based in Madison, Wis.

Phil is a co-founder of InstaFlicka and serves as its social media coordinator. He loves horror, comedy, horror-comedy, thrillers, and foreign movies. He is a co-host of the InstaFlicka Podcast and also writes for InstaFlicka.com
Jonny is a co-founder of InstaFlicka and is also co-host of the InstaFlicka Podcast. He loves comedy, action, documentary, classic, musical movies.
Craig is a writer and head web guru for InstaFlicka.com. He loves romantic-comedy, independent and big-budget action movies. He is a co-host of the InstaFlicka Podcast



Of course, the website InstaFlicka.com is the hub, but you can check out our main product, the podcast, on iTunes or via Stitcher Radio. You can also interact with us and become part of the show through our various social media profiles. Check them out here.  



InstaFlicka is not affiliated with the Netflix company in any way. You could, however, consider us a fan site of sorts.



What the heck is this thing you call the “InstaFlicka Index”? Well, that is the way we assign movies a score, based on the five-star rating system. Each member of the InstaFlicka crew, and sometimes an invited guest, rate a particular movie. The average of those scores equals the InstaFlicka Index. Got it?

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