REVIEW: Lakefront Brewery’s Dan Brewed a Baltic Porter (A-)

“The first of the My Turn Series, Dan took his opportunity to brew a Baltic porter. This beer is dark and robust with a malty sweetness. A touch hoppier than the typical porter, the medium bitterness balances the malts and a deep chocolate or coffee aroma stops just short of burnt. This one is one big, full-bodied beer. Look for four to six My Turn releases per year, all with varying styles, ingredients, and flavors. Once one is gone, we’ll immediately start on a new one.”


REVIEW: New Glarus Brewing’s Hop Hearty Ale (B-)

“Finally, Hop Hearty Ale, the Wisconsin I.P.A. you’ve been thirsten’ for. This ale is brewed with the best of Old and New World Hops. Then we infuse the aging tanks with a dry hop addition of Cascade and East Kent Goldings to bring home the hops! Expect this ale to pour a glass brimming with rich caramel flavors along with an intense hop aroma that you won’t soon forget. Cleanly bitter and aromatic, this ale is not for the faint of heart.”