REPLAY: InstaFlicka Podcast S5E15: Jobs, Big Sur


In which the InstaFlicka Crew discuss the lives of MAD GENIUSES. Well, Steve Jobs was sane but angry, and Jack Kerouac was pleasant but insane. The crew reviewed the bio pics Jobs and Big Sur about these horrible men and the great beauty that they brought into the world. The crew also shares thought’s on O’so Brewing Co’s Winds of Change beer.

Download: InstaFlicka Podcast S5E15: Jobs, Big Sur

If you like the transition music, you can find all of the songs at the Free Music Archive.

1. Noaidi ‘I’ve Seen the Future’
2. Collin Shaddick ‘A Life Time with Kerouac’
3.  Josh Woodward ‘History Repeats’ (Instrumental)
4. Altered Carbon ‘Sweet Life’ (Instrumental)

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