InstaFlicka Podcast S5E22: World War Z & The Road


OOF. This week, the InstaFlicka crew was down a man. With Craig lost in the initial zombie onslaught, only Phil and Ed (Guest Star Extraordinaire) are left to talk about these end of the world movies. Luckily, they drank some New Glarus Brewing Company Unpluggd Spice Ale, which allowed them to more easily carry the fire. What did they think? Cuddle up around the warmth of your tire fire and listen ever so tenderly.


Download: InstaFlicka Podcast S5E22:World War Z & The Road


All Transition music can be found on

1. The Silent Partner ‘Zombie Strut’

2. Tiny Fireflies ‘End of the World’

3. Schemawound ‘The World Won’t End’

4. Mars Payne ‘The End’


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