InstaFlicka Podcast S5E19: Derek Series 2

Pretty self explanatory.

Pretty self explanatory.

In which the InstaFlicka Crew opens and closes their mouths while forcing air over their vocal cords in such a way that they were able to verbally express their feelings about season 2 of Derek. As with season 1, it seems that they might be on opposite sides of the fence, but can they find common ground? Will adding a trinity collaboration beer (Real Ale Brewery, Surly Brewing, & 3 Floyds Blakkr Imperial Black Ale) increase the peace? Find out below!

Download: InstaFlicka Podcast S5E19: Derek Series 2

All Transition music can be found on

1. Short Hand ‘Death at Your Door’

2. Tarran the Tailor ‘Intermission

3. Tardiss ‘The Intermission’

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