InstaFlicka Podcast S5E7: House of Cards Season 2


Francis Underwood dining on the fine fare at Freddy’s. Or feasting on the bones of his foes. It’s hard to tell sometimes.

In which the Instaflicka Crew discusses, at length, the ins and outs of Season 2 of House of Cards. With 13 new episodes fresh off of the presses, is Netflix’s original series as good the second time as the first go around?

They also drank Dogfish Head’s Sixty One, a constantly hopped IPA brewed with shiraz grape musts. MUST you drink it? The answer to these questions and so many more can be found in this week’s podcast.

Download: InstaFlicka Podcast S5E7: House of Cards Season 2


Transition music by:
1. The Agrarians – Reflections on Imperial Ambitions.
2. Ambient Fabric – Intrigue.
3. theAudiologist – DC China.
4. Ion Romania – The Politics of Smooth.

All transition music can be found at


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