InstaFlicka Podcast S4E22: Arrested Development Season 4 Review

In which the crew sits down and gushes at the mouth about the latest and greatest (and stream-onliest) season of Arrested Development. They also knock back a Grand Imperial Porter. If you want to know whether you should be digging in, this is for you. Transition music for this week’s show can be found on by searching for Jeff Eliassen “Michael”; Naked Hasselhoff “Happy Family”; Unmo “Where is He?”.

Download: InstaFlicka Podcast S4E22: Arrested Development Season 4 Review

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  1. Thanks for the review of Arrested Dev! I haven’t finished listening yet, because my (1 GB! really!) IPod just ran out of juice– but so far loving the episode–

    I think season 4 was a great season. Dense, but that just means more to chew on each re-watching. I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about season 4, but I think they did a stellar job! I wish there was more Buster, too, but my favorite character is Lucille (1).

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