The Swimming Pool (3)

While on vacation at a gorgeous villa near St. Tropez, lovers Marianne and Jean-Paul (Romy Schneider and Alain Delon) find trouble when they’re visited by Marianne’s old flame Harry (Maurice Ronet) and his sexy teen daughter Penelope (Jane Birkin). When Jean-Paul begins to get too cozy with the nubile young guest, grave consequences follow in this dramatic thriller from prolific director Jacques Deray.

Swimmers (1)

Swimmers (2.17)

In this riveting indie tale set in coastal Maryland, the Tyler household’s structure begins to crack when 11-year-old Emma (Tara Devon Gallagher) develops an ear problem requiring surgery that the Tylers can ill afford. As long-buried family squabbles come to the surface, Emma turns to an emotionally haunted young woman (Sarah Paulson) for solace and friendship. Cherry Jones (Tony Award winner for “Doubt” and “The Heiress”) and Robert Knott shine as Emma’s parents.