Netflix May Save ABC’s ‘The River’ from Cancellation

Netflix may have passed on FOX’s Terra Nova, but it may have interest in saving a different TV show that recently got canned. According to the website Deadline, Netflix has had preliminary talks with ABC about picking up the horror series The River.

I’ve learned that the streaming giant has had conversations with The River producer ABC Studios about the possibility of continuing the thriller/horror series on Netflix. Sources stress that the talks are exploratory at this point in the context of a larger conversation between ABC Studios and Netflix. The Rivernever got traction on ABC, finishing its midseason run with a 1.4 18-49 rating for its finale Tuesday. But it is the type of show — a heavily serialized genre series — that works well on streaming services like Netflix.

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Were you a fan of the The River? What did you think? Would it be a good investment for Netflix?

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