InstaFlicka Podcast S3E12: The 80’s Were Very

Very? Very what? Just very. It was cult 80’s movie week on the podcast. We discuss Heathers, Repo Man and Cool as Ice. We realize that Cool as Ice occurred in 1991, but the 1980’s were so awesome that they could not be contained within a ten-year span. Therefore, Cool as Ice is considered an honorary 80’s movie. We also guzzled and discussed Avery Brewing’s The Maharaja Imperial India Pale Ale.


Carriers (3.17)

CONSENSUS: “Carriers is one of the better people-focused global catastrophe movies in an ever-expanding genre. It features a strong cast and some nice thrills. The only thing that gets in its way is its tendency to employ horror-movie tactics.”


REVIEW: Lakefront Brewery’s Dan Brewed a Baltic Porter (A-)

“The first of the My Turn Series, Dan took his opportunity to brew a Baltic porter. This beer is dark and robust with a malty sweetness. A touch hoppier than the typical porter, the medium bitterness balances the malts and a deep chocolate or coffee aroma stops just short of burnt. This one is one big, full-bodied beer. Look for four to six My Turn releases per year, all with varying styles, ingredients, and flavors. Once one is gone, we’ll immediately start on a new one.”


REVIEW: New Glarus Brewing’s Hop Hearty Ale (B-)

“Finally, Hop Hearty Ale, the Wisconsin I.P.A. you’ve been thirsten’ for. This ale is brewed with the best of Old and New World Hops. Then we infuse the aging tanks with a dry hop addition of Cascade and East Kent Goldings to bring home the hops! Expect this ale to pour a glass brimming with rich caramel flavors along with an intense hop aroma that you won’t soon forget. Cleanly bitter and aromatic, this ale is not for the faint of heart.”