InstaFlicka Podcast S3E8: Wibbly Wobbly,Timey Wimey

Tragically cropped.

Time Travel. Everyone wonders what it would be like, where they would go, what they would do. Netflix knows this and they let us live vicariously through some of the movies that they currently have streaming. We watched three such films this week. Craig and I hopped into our non-trademark infringing phone booths and entered the time stream to watch Happy Accidents, The Philidelphia Experiment, and Time Bandits. Being a huge sissy and quite hungover, I requested we skip beer review for the first time since we began the segment. I am some kind of monster.

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Transition music for this week:

Happy Accidents – ‘Time Running’ – Tegan And Sara (If It Were You)

The Philidelphia Experiment – ‘Fly Like an Eagle Remix’ – Steve Miller Band/Pretty Lights (Unreleased Remixes)

Time Bandits – ‘Back in Time’ – Huey Lewis and the News (Back to the Future: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Quickpix – ‘Timestretch’ – Bassnectar (Timestretch)

InstaFeedback – ‘You’re My Choice Tonight’ – Teddy Pendergrass (You’re My Choice Tonight LP)

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