YouTube is Latest To Table For Original Content, Hopes There is Pie Left

Youtube announced a couple things today, both of which have a potentially big impact on the way YouTube rubs and the way it is perceived by the world at large. The first is a reorganization of content under the name YouTube Channels. The other is original content.

If you have never been on Youtube, then you are not aware of the general disarray that is its organizational skills. It can be incredibly hard to find quality content, and even with Google owning the company, search results aren’t always incredibly helpful or relevent. Enter Youtube Channels. This will basically put a label on Youtube videos of certain types and group them together. Channels could include sports, or music, or science for example.

This will be a boon for anyone who has ever tried to wade through the swamp of low quality content out there. Now it will be even easier to find those cat videos you insist on posting to Facebook/Twitter.

But that is not all! The big G is plunking down $100 million dollars to bring original content to YouTube. You may be thinking to yourself, but isn’t YouTube mostly original content? Yes, but this will be premium, broadcast quality (in theory) content. It will containt shows made specifically to air on Youtube.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “About 20 or so of those channels will feature several hours of professionally produced original programming a week.” We have yet to see what several hours means, whether it is 5, 10, or 20 a week. Regardless, with the proliferation of web enabled TV sets and devices that play YouTube, this is a potentially smart move for them.

So, stay tuned to the Tube. Maybe they can do a reality show on comment trolls. That would be fairly meta.

  1. I kind of feel like we are just realigning to a system of different companies — or channels — that offer different brand of content similar to the old cable television marketplace which seems to be dying.

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