InstaFlicka Podcast S1 E12: The Most Twelvth Episode Ever

We made it. We really made it! We survived another week, despite all odds. Most people do not realize this, but podcasts do not often make it past the 11th podcast. Much like the curse of Tutankhamun, the second the eleventh episode hits the internet, an inexorable aura of doom surrounds the creators, leading to leprosy of the sexual organs, gingivitus, and in most cases, death. But not here. We here at InstaFlicka laugh, nay, GUFFAH in the face of death.

Ok. I made all of that up. Just wanted to build the sense of grandeur this episode, guest-starring my gal pal Jamie Veronica Bruley, deserves. We were excited to have Jamie on because sometimes the podcast needs a womans touch. And boy, did she touch us. Deeply. She was a little nervous about being on because she, like all people, despise the sound of their own voice and the notion of it being archived until the internet is but loam, but hopefully she hears her angelic voice and rejoices! For she is part of the unstoppable history of InstaFlicka.

Sorry, I went off again didn’t I? How about I just tell you what the movies are.

Thrilling! But not NEARLY as thrilling as what I have to tell you now.

  1. My friend Margaret Stutt of indie sensation Pezzettino is bucking the need of a label and is pressing a new album, LubDub, next month, entirely funded by donations. If you donate (a designated amount) before then, you can get pre-release MP3 versions and maybe even some bonus tracks. This week, she allowed us to play one of her songs, Cold Hard Chick, on the show. If you like the song and want to get in on that action, follow this link to her website or this Link to the Kickstarter Backing page.
  2. We are also now going to be STREAMING!!! I talked to the good people of Stitcher Radio and got us put into their Arts and Entertainment/Film: Movie Reviews & Talk section.  Stitcher is a quick, free, and easy way to stream awesome podcasts right from your smartphone of choice. It supports iOS, Android, Palm, and Blackberry. So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below and get going!

Whew. Big week. Go at it, tiger.



InstaFlicka Podcast Season 1 Episode 12: The Most Twelvth Episode Ever

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